Red Wasp

full moon morning

still dark, went out

to sit and pray somewhere

different, unstacked the brown

plastic adirondack chairs, sat

and cried out, deep asking,

“let your child know

he is more than what he does”

aching groan, then sweet

silence. Suddenly a hot

barb sting left groin, jumped

up, stripped naked, red wasp

flickering on the stone deck and

I smashed it hard with my flip

flop, crushed it and went to the house

wound care, bandaged and went

outside again, first light now, found

the small nest I had sat on, several

wasps lying around homeless and  I

sprayed them poisoned and watched them die.


I will not judge

those who seek out

vengeance before

I understand

their pain, a boundary has been drawn,

the new sun will

not bring those wasps back to life.