Off to College

2 ur own self b true.

This 2 shall pass.

Don’t b first + don’t b last.

Find some1 with whom u can enjoy life.

Know when 2 open ur heart and when 2 shield it.

Take chances + be safe.

Do what makes ur heart sing.

Show up, speak ur truth, let go of outcomes.

Fake it til u make it.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

It’s OK not to b OK.

Enjoy breathing in + breathing out.

Every day in every way u r getting better + better.

Follow your path.

Grow where u r planted.

U can’t live life w only a catcher’s mitt.

Look b4 you leap.

No pain no gain.

What doesn’t kill u makes u stronger.

Don’t fear failure. Desire to succeed.

Believe in yourself.

Dream big.

Any and all

would be appropriate parting words

just after our final embrace

before we drive off

leaving you at college.

                   None resonate like these —

We love you.

You are enough.