Sustainable Health and Wellness

Letting go of the old way of seeing and embracing a new way of being

About Dr. Matt Mumber

Dr. Mumber began his medical studies at the University of Virginia as a way to help people and pursue a definable path to healing for patients. However, finding that the processes in place were not necessarily patient-centered, Dr. Mumber began to formulate his own process of health and healing for patient wellness to create the Sustainable Wellness program.
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Finding Sustainable Wellness

Sustainable Wellness addresses each individual at all levels of their being (mind, body, and spirit) and their experience as a self, part of a specific culture, society and natural world. Unlike specific tools that can be taught and handed down from an expert to a novice—the journey of transformation—of seeing the world with new eyes—can only be individually experienced.
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Workshops & Retreats

The retreats were created with healing in mind; not just treating a person’s illness, but treating that person as a whole and helping them to heal completely. There are many ways to begin your wellness journey.
We offer:
  • Webinars & Seminars
  • Workshops & Classes

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