Retreats and group sessions can be adapted to the educational and experiential needs of your specific group. If you would like to host a retreat or group, please contact Matt directly using the provided contact information.




Cancer Navigators Retreats are held biannually. Applications are available through Cancer Navigators. Please call 706-295-4119.



Refreshed and ready

...When I was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, it was the shock of my life, and it sent everything into a tail spin. My husband and I had only just begun our lives, and we were facing the toughest battle yet....I was informed that there was a cancer retreat in Rome, put on by Dr. Mumber. I was not sure if I would like it, but I decided to go....We learned breathing exercises, which have really helped to quiet my mind, and keep me relaxed....We had all vegan meals, and they were awesome. I was having a hard time figuring out what to eat, so all the recipes helped me so much. One of the highlights of the trip was the massage. My body aches all the time, and that was a treat I would never have given myself. The whole weekend was amazing, and I came back refreshed and ready to face the days ahead....

Casie Payne


Seeing health and Wellness anew

The Sustainable Wellness Program has been an incredible opportunity for me to look at health and wellness in a totally new way....What makes the program especially meaningful is that it draws on the personal experiences and talents of everyone in the room based on the extent to which each chooses to get involved. Sharing wellness and illness in such an intimate group session provides learning not possible in any other way....The personal interaction...easily enhances the quality of further in depth learning and experiences. Past learnings quietly surface to provide exciting new insights. As one who loves retreats of this nature and having been to many, this is one of the best, from a group and individual perspective.

David Norman


Made to Feel Special, Treated Like Royalty

It was about a year after I was through with all my treatments for breast cancer when, on one of my regular checkups, Dr. Mumber invited me to attend a retreat specifically for breast cancer survivors. Although hesitant at first, I did go and it was one of the more memorable experiences of my life. With “cancer” still fresh on my mind it was a weekend where the other ladies and I could share our stories with each other....The group sessions were conducted in an informal, friendly and non-threatening manner and we were able to open up and express our feelings. We were made to feel special and treated like royalty with daily yoga sessions, relaxation, massages, wonderful food and a camaraderie...

Paula Elkins


Exploring ways to reduce stress

After my cancer diagnosis I felt as though everything I had ever thought about my life was no longer true. I felt like I
was adrift; not sure if my life would ever be ‘normal’ again....A few months after my treatment ended I attended the Cancer Retreat weekend at Many Streams Ranch. From the moment I was greeted I knew it was going to be a special experience....We talked a great deal about “wellness” and how to achieve it and maintain it exploring stress reduction and meditation with yoga and massage. We learned how important it is to put the right foods into our bodies and how it can reduce our chance of illness and help us feel our best. Stress reduction is an important part of maintaining wellness and we were given several tools to help us along this path....It was like we were given a big empty ‘tool box’ and throughout the program we were given tools from Dr. Mumber and Heather as well as from each other as we shared our own stories....

LeAnn Yeargan


Peaceful and Relaxing

The retreat at the Many Streams Ranch was very peaceful and relaxing. It helped me to focus on myself and understand that the cancer I had was not what defined me as a person. The yoga, which was held every morning, and meditations were extremely beneficial in centering my thoughts and aiding me in focusing on an awareness of my mind and my body. Thought provoking discussions were also held daily, through which I came to open my mind and heart to other points of view about cancer and healing. The retreat was a special time to learn about myself and meet others who had some same fears and concerns which I had, while learning about tools to overcome those fears.”

Sheila Tyree


One of the Highlights of my Life

...I was eager to learn as much as I could about possible causes, treatments, preventive measures, etc. Since this was all new to me, I didn't know what to expect. I experienced so many new ways to cope with my Cancer journey; ways I was not familiar with....Being with other people who are walking the same journey was therapeutic. Sharing our experience; similar & yet so different. We all share the same goal of Survival until there's a cure. Participation in the Retreats is one of the highlights of my life. Just being in beautiful peaceful, serene surroundings is so important in the healing process....

Ethel Evans


Opportunity to Focus on Myself

Cancer. Just the word itself is capable of conjuring up a spectrum of images and emotions—none of them good. I have learned cancer is not simply a diagnosis, it is a life sentence. I not only have to deal with this pronouncement but have a family to guide as well. Focusing on them was a natural thing for me, as a mother, to do. The retreat was the first opportunity afforded me to focus my attention on myself. It was a time to reflect in a group guided, safe and positive environment. The retreat allowed me to take slow deep breaths and absorb the beauty surrounding me. Thus began my journey of living more deeply....I was treated as an integral, complex, whole person not simply a diagnosis. I would like to thank Dr. Matt Mumber and his carefully chosen staff for taking the time to go beyond the obvious treatment to see and treat the person beneath.”

Joanne Waldrop