Cancer Navigators Fall Support Calendar Practice

favorite song right now....  reminds me that no matter how much fear I have, no matter how much discontent, there is always a depth of fear and discontent that is endlessly larger... same goes for contentment and joy....  and the beautiful thing is that there is a limitless participation that I call Love, that is bigger than any of it, holds it all and transcends it all....this brings me peace of mind that I am not ever alone....  How can I surrender to the flow of my life in that Love, like the autumn trees drop their colored leaves to the endless ground?

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Highlighting the Special Needs of Cancer Survivors: A Conversation with Matt Mumber, MD

In this video interview, Natural Medicine Journal Publisher Karolyn Gazella discusses the challenges and solutions associated with enhanced integrative care for cancer survivors with integrative oncologist Dr. Matt Mumber. It is estimated that there are presently more than 15.5 million cancer survivors in the United States with more than two-thirds alive five years after their diagnosis.

Finding the True Self

Master teachers throughout history have repeatedly emphasized that part of our human experience is learning to live in alignment with our true, highest self while becoming mercifully aware of our false and limited separate self. This is the heroes journey and requires cultivating our ability to witness what is going on internally and externally without getting caught up in judgement and fear.

Heart Centered Meditation

There are a variety of forms of meditation. I recently learned a “heart centered” meditation from Robert Sardello, author of the book “Silence”. Basically, the process consists of placing the part of you that is aware in certain parts of the body — in this case, the physical heart — such that one’s awareness comes form that specific area.