Foundational Safety

Lexio divina practice April 3, 2017 based on excerpt from James Finley Healing from Trauma tape series: following the mystics section, conclusion, step 4 of healing process.


“And the thing about contemplative spirituality – at the heart of all contemplative spirituality – is at the heart of it is the metamorphosis of our heart. See at the heart of it is the metamorphosis of our heart. Our very subjectivity has to surrender to a presence that is just utterly safe. And be grounded in that, and live out of it. So its in our practice – our daily practice.”

What it means to me

So for me realizing that surrendering to God is safe. This daily practice of living in a way that says “thy will be done” will not end up asking me to do anything that is not safe. It may be challenging, much like it is challenging to sit present, open and awake and practice not clinging to or resisting anything that comes up while in meditation… or it is challenging to say an asking prayer and then actually live my life in concert with the theme of that prayer… but it is safe foundationally– it will not impose more on me than I can reasonably give as some sort of magical imposition.

An asking prayer

Let me know that you are safe, God. And help me to have the faith and trust to surrender to the safety of your love through doing your will in every moment of my life.