Heart Centered Meditation

There are a variety of forms of meditation. I recently learned a “heart centered” meditation from Robert Sardello, author of the book “Silence”. Basically, the process consists of placing the part of you that is aware in certain parts of the body — in this case, the physical heart — such that one’s awareness comes form that specific area.

This powerful experience brings a sense of gratitude– seeing things through the eye of the heart. In so doing, we actually experience our emotions fully as emotions, not as emotionality.  This opening can also have benefits for people and places around us as we share our open heart. The poem below was inspired by that experience.



Joy Again

… and the Earth

rises up and ripens

in gratitude for our new found heart

dust clouds behind cars

hang suspended as though alive

not wishing to envelop us


… the wood that held

the word made flesh

long since transformed

to mulch

then dirt

then into a multiplicity of things


… these things all rise up

from everywhere and nowhere

greeting the energy of our open heart

gently feeding upon us

as though we are a spring sun

or a slow drizzling desert rain


… and our merciful heart

expanding ever outward


allowing us to hold God

and all that is now

is rejoicing.