The Glory of Being

I try not to worry

be still and know

that God is not in control

of anything that matters

for less than a little while

and a little while is a very long time


all of my frantic doings

the sunshine allure of new projects,

ever shifting sky of relationships,

burning coals of future desires,

delicate spring flower of health,

flash flood of thought

that wakes me at 2:07AM,

though these may occupy a minute, day, month,

hundred, thousand, or million years,

they are not high priorities

for divine intercession

nor fixed and predetermined,

and to think otherwise is folly


I do not despair

and find purpose

in the ocean of fragile divine freedom to choose

and rejoice

breathing ordinary air unearned

shared by all, yes

even the dust has lungs unseen

and participates in life eternal