Michael R.I.P.

The universe shed

a tear of sadness today.

For a man who touched many,

in his own special way.


He greeted those close,

with a big bear hug.

And when parting, expressed

 feelings of friendship and love.


He lived a life

void of want or of fear.

Followed a drummer’s beat,

audible just to his ear.


He knew what he wanted,

the way he liked things to be,

he would tell you about it,



Vinny, Vin Man, Vincenzo,

Mike, Michael, Barbaro;

He answered these calls,

With a hearty “Lets Go!”


Up for any adventure,

Michael always came thru.

He was the perfect wing-man,

with a take no prisoners attitude!


We have loved and lost him,

no longer where he was before.

He is now wherever we are

and will be ever more.



--Frank Antonicelli, Matt Mumber